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SAN DIEGO – Five of the best 20 beaches that the California coast has to offer are in the San Diego area, according to Yelp!

A list released Monday placed two San Diego beaches in the top five in the entire Golden State, and the other three in the top 20, overall.

Think you know which ones took the top spots? Keep reading to find out!

The highest spot on the list when to Torrey Pines State Beach, taking the No. 3 in the top 20. Torrey Pines just narrowly edged out the No. 4 beach, Coronado Central.

Although they may not have made the top 10, the Point Loma Tide Pools, Fletcher Cove Beach Park, and Moonlight State Beach all made it onto the list, as well in the thirteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth spots, respectively.

The list broke down beaches in the U.S. by area and included five of the best locations from each of the following categories: California coast, Pacific Northwest, Gulf coast, Atlantic coast, northeastern U.S., and beaches located on U.S. lakes. Those lists can be found by clicking HERE.

To make the list, Yelp identified businesses in the beaches category and then ranked each spot using factors such as volume of reviews and overall rating from reviewers.