SAN DIEGO — A popular San Diego Zoo elephant named Devi died Friday, animal officials announced.

The 45-year-old Asian elephant was euthanized after being under veterinary care over “a period of time” due to a decline in her mobility, the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance stated in a news release.

In 1977, Devi arrived at the the San Diego Zoo from an elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka. Zoogoers were able to see her at the former Children Zoo in her early years while later residing at the Elephant Odyssey habitat.

“Devi was beloved at the San Diego Zoo and she will be sorely missed by all of us who cared for her on a daily basis,” said Ann Alfama, wildlife care supervisor at San Diego Zoo. “We find some comfort in knowing that she leaves an amazing legacy as an ambassador for her species. Through the years, Devi created countless opportunities for guests from around the world to learn about elephants and the importance of elephant conservation.”

Devi lived at the Elephant Care Center with two other elderly female elephants, including a 58-year-old Asian elephant Mary and 42-year-old African elephant Shaba, according to the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance.