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Californians apparently love Halloween. In fact, they love it so much, several California cities are considered among the best places in the U.S. to celebrate the holiday, according to a new study.

The study was conducted by SmartAsset, an online hub for consumer finance information.

The website compared 146 cities across the nation and scored them on various criteria, including family friendliness, safety, weather and festiveness.

Things like average temperatures, crime rate and even the “concentration of candy stores” played a role in the ranking.

Unsurprising, surely boosted by some great weather and amenities, many California cities were included toward the top of the list.

In total, 16 California cities made it in the top 35.

Chula Vista, the second-largest city in the San Diego metropolitan area, was the highest ranked city in California, finishing third.

In San Diego’s North County, Oceanside came in as 12 on the list, with the city’s Halloween weather boosting its standing.

The City of San Diego was ranked 16th on the list of 35.

Topping the list, were two cities in Nevada: North Las Vegas and Henderson.

Here’s a list of all the the top 35 cities that SmartAsset concludes are the best cities to celebrate Halloween:

RankCityFamily Friendliness IndexSafety IndexHalloween Weather IndexHalloween Festiveness IndexAverage Index
1North Las Vegas, Nevada81.8788.7882.9598.8988.12
2Henderson, Nevada70.25100.0082.9598.8988.02
3Gilbert, Arizona100.0091.88100.0033.7081.39
4Chula Vista, California66.0170.7994.1973.3376.08
5Fontana, California90.3759.3887.2166.6775.91
6Las Vegas, Nevada35.9883.5682.9598.8975.34
7Chandler, Arizona79.8984.53100.0033.7074.53
8Moreno Valley, California81.3051.2687.2177.0474.20
9Brownsville, Texas76.4960.5460.0893.7072.70
10Peoria, Arizona67.4286.46100.0033.7071.90
11Irvine, California66.5781.6287.2151.1171.63
12Oceanside, California50.4264.0294.1973.3370.49
13Rancho Cucamonga, California72.2454.5587.2166.6770.16
14Elk Grove, California94.9082.4054.2648.5270.02
15Virginia Beach, Virginia81.5990.9150.7855.5669.71
16San Diego, California43.6365.5794.1973.3369.18
17Mesa, Arizona62.6180.08100.0033.7069.10
18Oxnard, California73.3753.1987.2161.1168.72
19Sioux Falls, South Dakota90.6568.2829.4680.7467.28
20Ontario, California63.1749.1387.2166.6766.54
21Riverside, California57.7943.7187.2177.0466.44
22Santa Clarita, California74.5057.8387.2145.5666.28
23Frisco, Texas99.7271.1841.0952.9666.24
24Scottsdale, Arizona43.0684.72100.0033.7065.37
25Laredo, Texas75.6461.7076.3647.7865.37
26Chesapeake, Virginia87.2584.1450.7833.7063.97
27Phoenix, Arizona62.3258.99100.0033.7063.76
28Honolulu, Hawaii10.7658.6184.50100.0063.47
29Wichita, Kansas83.2933.6653.8882.5963.35
30Glendale, Arizona47.8871.57100.0033.7063.29
31McKinney, Texas87.8270.2141.0952.9663.02
32Huntington Beach, California38.8173.6987.2151.1162.71
33Modesto, California71.6746.0358.9173.7062.58
34Fremont, California67.7184.5358.9135.1961.58
35Anaheim, California40.5167.3187.2151.1161.54

For the top 35 list and a detailed breakdown of the methodology used to rank the cities, click here.

Not included on that list are some of California’s biggest cities.

On the outside looking in, Bakersfield landed at 50, San Francisco came in at 54, San Jose at 55, Fresno at 60, Sacramento came in at 63 and Los Angeles landed at 82.

Oakland was the lowest ranked California city at 124.