SAN DIEGO — In an effort to help house San Diego’s homeless population, 150 tiny homes will be built in the region, county officials said.

California Governor Gavin Newsom on Thursday pledged to build more than a thousand of these accommodations to address the statewide issue of homelessness.

According to Newsom, local governments would be in charge of deciding where to place these tiny homes and would be responsible for managing them.

County Supervisor Joel Anderson on Friday wrote a letter to the governor commending the efforts to address the ongoing issue.

Anderson wrote, “Today’s (Thursday) announcement adds another tool to our toolbelt to address this crisis. I applaud Chairwoman Vargas and county staff for committing to take 150 tiny homes from the state, and I look forward to working with all stakeholders to successfully implement this program.”

Anderson then asked Newsom to work with the county on program flexibility to take advantage of this opportunity and ensure it aligns with existing efforts.

“We need time to work with our community partners on identifying the locations that best meet the needs of their community,” stated the supervisor.

The tiny homes can be assembled in roughly 90 minutes, according to officials, and some of them are as small as 120 square feet.

Anderson said though “there is no one size fits all solution to homelessness,” he’s committed to advocating appropriate services within the San Diego County Community.