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SAN DIEGO- 11 people were arrested and 51 were cited for sideshows, also known as intersection takeovers, during the Labor Day weekend.

The San Diego Police Department, along with the National City Police Department and California Highway Patrol, intercepted seven sideshows throughout San Diego over the three-day weekend.

The intersections were filled Tuesday afternoon with tire marks and left-over fireworks from the takeovers.  

“When the community becomes aware of these things, they let us know and then we have techniques that we use whether its officers in uniform, whether it’s a helicopter in the sky to spot these vehicles and take action,” said Lt. Adam Sharki with the San Diego Police Department.

Those arrested and cited ranged from underage teens to adults. Citations included reckless driving, driving under the influence, racing, and even spectating an illegal event.

“People may not get arrested or cited, at the time, we will investigate the people that are there – we will track down those vehicles we will pursue a court process and we will cease those vehicles,” said Lt. Sharki.

Officials with the San Diego Police Department say sideshows aren’t just dangerous because of the reckless driving, but also because of other illegal activity that typically accompanies events like these.

“It’s not just the driving we are also seeing narcotics, firearms, we are seeing weapons, we are seeing those collisions we are seeing property damage – it’s not just the driving it’s everything that is associated with the takeover or a sideshow,” said Lt. Sharki.

Damages can cost the city $2,000-$18,000, depending on the damage.

If you have any information on these sideshows/takeovers, you are asked to contact the San Diego Police Department and you can remain anonymous by calling crime stoppers.