EL CAJON, Calif — An East County woman celebrated her 106th birthday Friday and she’s giving insight into why she believes she’s taken so many trips around the sun.

Ann Strutz — a El Cajon resident — is still very active and healthy, according tor her family.

Though she lives alone, they say Ann still cooks for herself with the help of San Diego County’s Meals on Wheels program.

This meal delivery initiative is meant to empower seniors to remain independent, while also helping to ensure they have access to nourishing food to fuel their bodies, minds and spirits.

According to a spokesperson for Meals on Wheels, Ann has been a client of this local program since December 2021, also telling FOX 5 she’s one of only a few of the nonprofit’s seniors that has reached a three digit age.

On the morning of her birthday, Meals on Wheels volunteers made a special delivery to the El Cajon woman. With balloons and a blossoming orchid plant in hand, they greeted Ann with a special gift basket in celebration of her life.

When asked what her secret to living a long life is, Ann told the volunteers nutritious food has a lot to do with it, which is exactly what Meals on Wheels continues to provide for her.

“Whether it’s hot and they’re sweating or they’re soaking wet from the rain, they (the volunteers) always have that ‘welcome’ smile on their face,” said Ann about those from the program who come to her doorstep.

El Cajon resident Ann Strutz celebrated her 106th birthday with Meals on Wheels San Diego County volunteers Friday, Aug. 5, 2023. (Credit: Meals on Wheels San Diego County)

Ann also attributed her faith to her longevity, saying “I think it’s really God who is responsible. For some reason, he wants me to hang around here!”

If you would like to volunteer time to the county’s Meal on Wheels program, fill out their application online. More information on how you can help San Diego’s seniors can be found here.

“We look forward to having you come,” said Ann.