Analysis: 1 in 4 San Diegans unemployed as coronavirus stifles economy

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SAN DIEGO — Roughly one out of every four San Diegans is currently unemployed with numbers that spiked as the coronavirus lockdown took hold, a new analysis by the San Diego Association of Governments found.

Some of the hardest hit people are those who worked in the service industry and sales. They include people such as Golden Hill resident Francesca Witte, who formerly worked at a company that sells automotive parts.

“They laid us off for 60 to 90 (days) so it’s — who knows what’s going to happen?” Witte said.

Witte is just one of thousands in her own community to lose jobs during the pandemic. The analysis found there are an estimated 24.7% of San Diegans currently out of work.

“It’s confusing, you know?” Witte said. “Rationally, I understand why they did it, but you can’t help but feel a little bit like, ‘Why me?'”

The National City Chamber of Commerce is trying to harness some of the available talent. An online job fair recently was held with employers including the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, the Department of Corrections and the U.S. Customs and Border Enforcement, all trying to harness some of the available workers.

For now, the stay-at-home order has been extended indefinitely, but Newsom said this week he’s hoping to relax some restrictions is in “weeks not months.”

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