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FALLBROOK, Calif. — Milena (Sellers) Phillips still remembers her son Jonathan’s big, beautiful eyes, which she says brought life to a character in a new book she authored, titled “Always Fly Away.”

The storyline is simple. When a suave cat tries to lure in a blue jay at a creek, the blue jay must decide whether or not he should listen to his intuition and fly away.

The book, published by Reflective Publishing, will be available next week. The book’s illustrator, 19-year-old Katherine Johnson, said it was incredible to be part of the project, especially since Phillip’s back story really struck her.

Phillips’ 9-year old son, Jonathan Sellers and his friend Charlie Keever were abducted, molested and killed in 1993 in Imperial Beach after the boys left home for a quick bike ride. It was not until eight years later that police would link their murders to sexual predator, Scott Erskine. He was sentenced to death in 2004.

Phillips said it is now her mission in life to teach children how to protect themselves by paying close attention to their surroundings and understanding they have the right to say “no” to strangers. She continues this through her work in the Jonathan Sellers and Charlie Keever Foundation.

Her efforts do not stop with writing her first children’s book, but she also performs the story in front of elementary school children at San Diego County schools. So far, more than 5,000 kids have seen her play.

To order a copy of “Always Fly Away,” go here.