Local man waits for wife, kids to return from China


MCAS MIRAMAR, Calif. – Two planes carrying a total of about 550 passengers are heading from Wuhan, China, towards California and are expected to touch down early Wednesday morning.

Ken Burnett hopes his wife and two kids will be on one of those planes.

“I couldn’t sleep last night, or the night before,” Burnett said.

His family flew to China a couple months ago to visit other family members.  Once the coronavirus broke out, getting them back home has turned into a logistical nightmare.

“It’s been an hour and a half since I’ve heard from her,” Burnett nervously chuckled.

His wife agreed to text him once the family was safely on the plane, but hours after the scheduled departure time, he still had no word from her.

“Just a little nervous right now,” he said.

She sent him a video from the Wuhan airport showing hundreds of people waiting near the gate. Two planes are heading to California. One flight is heading to Travis Air Force Base. The other will land at MCAS Miramar. Both planes should touch down early Wednesday morning.

Burnett said he doesn’t know if his family is on either plane, but once they land, he says they will be quarantined for 14-days.

“That’s better than any situation there. So, that’s definitely a move forward in the right direction.”

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