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SAN DIEGO — After years of coming to the aid others, first as a medic and then as a police officer, San Diegan Adam Bavario was rescued by heroes of his own.

Bavario suffered what’s referred to as a “Widow Maker” heart attack, because of its high fatality rate, collapsing at his San Marcos home in September 2018. As he lay on the floor, Bavario was brought back to consciousness by his dog, an all-white boxer named Roxy, who nudged and licked her loving caretaker’s face until he woke up.

Bavario crawled to the couch and dialed 911. An ambulance rushed him to Tri-City Medical Center, where a skilled cardiologist was able to place a stent in his heart within 27 minutes, a record time.

Now Bavario has a second lease on life, thanks to Roxy and Dr. Karim El-Sherief. He’s made healthy lifestyle changes since the attack, ensuring he’ll be around to enjoy more time with his son and his beloved pup.

“Dr. El-Sherief said I’m a walking miracle,” said Bavario. “I live every day as a blessing and I don’t take life for granted.”