Local Catholics follow Pope’s call for day of prayer for Syria

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syriaSAN DIEGO — Dozens of Catholics gathered at the Immaculata at the University of San Diego to pray for peace in Syria.

Hoping the power of prayer can help avert a wider war, parishioners attended the prayer vigil after Pope Francis called for a global day of prayer and fasting.

“It’s absolutely critical that at all times we pray for peace.  But especially right now,” said Clancy Fuzak, a Catholic from Mission Valley.

100,000 people packed St. Peter’s Square Saturday for a peace vigil led by Pope Francis.  The Pope referred to the crisis in Syria as a “spiral of sorrow and death.”

Francis called for the day of prayer in response to U.S. threats to strike Syria after a chemical weapons attack.  He also urged G-20 leaders to abandon military action.

“I’m actually quite proud of the fact that so early in this conflict that he stepped forward and has been a voice of reason,” said Pat Ancowitz, a Catholic from Mission Hills.

As President Obama looks to Congress to approve a strike, Catholics say they’re very worried about the U.S. getting into another major conflict.

“I don’t really know exactly what our country’s role should be in that.  I just hope and pray that good decisions will be made and that it won’t make things that are already bad any worse than they are now,” said Catholic Elaine Treadwell.

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