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SAN DIEGO — A San Diego band made dreams come true for a boy with Down syndrome by starring him in their music video.

The video “Still Young” by the group Dare to be Dreamers went viral Tuesday night and has since gotten thousands of views.

“I’m a superstar,” said the boy, Ryan Stamper.

Stamper said he has wanted to be a rock star since he was very young.

He was adopted at three-weeks-old and survived leukemia by age two.

“Ryan has been our biggest fan since when we first met him. He used to memorize the words and he would come up to us and try to sing the song and we couldn’t understand what he was saying but we knew he loved the music,” said lead singer, Jason David Sluyter.

The band flew Stamper from his home in Arizona to San Diego with help from a local Mira Mesa church and Legoland.

“I’m happy and I am proud of myself,” Stamper said.

They shot the video throughout San Diego County. Ryan can be seen greeting people on the street, and collecting prayers from them. Toward the end of the video, he sends the prayers to space for God to grant their wish.

In real life, Stamper is also helping make other people’s wishes come true by using his newfound popularity to raise money for a Texas girl struggling from a genetic disorder.

“I’m going to make her happy and make her feel better,” Stamper said.

The band plans to feature Stamper in all the videos for their upcoming album.

Watch the music video here: