Lime scooters hit milestone while fighting to stay in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO — Amid pending permit negotiations with the City of San Diego, Lime scooters are still soaring in business, recently surpassing 4,000,000 rides since landing in town roughly two years ago.

Lime also recently just named Chef Justin Vaiciunas San Diego’s top rider, after clocking more than 600 trips since January.

“When they called me and told me that I was actually really excited because I use it for so much, for all of my daily transportation,” said Vaiciunas, who is an executive chef for Luca in downtown San Diego.

While the shared mobility devices have become a common sight and way of life for many like Vaiciunas here in San Diego and in cities across the world, they haven’t come without some hiccups.

In June, a man died after colliding with another woman while both riding lime scooters along the mission beach boardwalk. In July, San Diego launched tighter regulations on the scooters and bikes. By mid-August, the city was beginning the process to revoke Lime’s permit due to not following speed and operational restrictions. Now, out of six dockless device companies that are left in town, Lime says it’s committed to finding a way to stay.

“We are the oldest operator here, we love being here, people use our scooters. Four million rides is not a small number and we hope to continue working with the city to show that we are compliant and we want to be a good partner,” said Kimia Talebian, Lime General Manager for San Diego.

Lime says it’s also taking initiative by providing rider safety teams throughout San Diego’s popular areas and is looking forward to making its case to remain operating in San Diego.

A hearing between the city and Lime is the next step, but has not been scheduled yet.

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