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A sign warns of danger at Sunset Cliffs as rescuers walk a man to safety after pulling him from a cliff ledge during high surf.

SAN DIEGO — Lifeguards rescued two professional lacrosse players who jumped from the rocks at Sunset Cliffs Thursday and got stranded in the high surf.

Officials were called about the two men, said to be in their 20’s, around 11 a.m. The San Diego Seals lacrosse team later confirmed that both men were members of their team. “We have been staying in close touch with our players and are relieved to report everyone is safe,” the team told FOX 5.

Two men were rescued Thursday after they jumped off a cliff into the ocean at Sunset Cliffs. (Photo: Jim Grant)

The men had jumped from an area known as The Arches. One man was trapped in the water while the other climbed to a cliff ledge, according to San Diego Fire-Rescue. Officials lowered themselves down the cliff to lift that man to safety, while lifeguards on a rescue craft grabbed the man from the water and took him to Ocean Beach.

Neither player had injuries serious enough to send them to the hospital, according to SDFD.

A lifeguard helps one of the men climb back up the cliff. (Photo: Jim GRANT)

“It is against [San Diego] Municipal Code to jump into the Pacific Ocean from a height greater than five feet. That’s because it’s dangerous,” SDFD spokesperson Monica Munoz told FOX 5. “Especially during high surf events it is not recommended that people get into the water unless they are swimming near a lifeguard and have a lot of experience as a swimmer.”

A tourist died Thursday after being swept into the water while chasing after his dog at a local dog beach.

The National Weather Service has issued a high surf advisory that lasts through 10 p.m. Thursday, warning of rip currents and waves ranging up to 14 feet in height. The advisory led officials to close the pier in Ocean Beach.