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LEMON GROVE, Calif. — Lemon Grove Mayor Racquel Vasquez gave the state of the city’s address Wednesday evening.

Vasquez outlined accomplishments such as pothole and sidewalk repair and more city support for the arts and parks, but toward the end of her speech, she hinted at the city’s financial question marks.

“Rising costs for public safety, animal control, pension costs and other costs of doing business have put us in a vulnerable position,” said Mayor Vasquez.

This statement along with saying the city is now using “emergency reserves” to make ends meet made a lot of people uneasy.

“I did find the information about using emergency reserves a bit concerning but I was encouraged by the amount of pot holes being filled and work being done around the city,” said resident Tamara Peterson.

The mayor said in October she is going to meet with other city administrators to figure ways to make more money for the city to keep it solvent.