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SAN DIEGO – A woman filed a lawsuit against a former San Diego Chargers defensive lineman claiming she contracted herpes from him and that he physically abused her.

A woman named “Adrienne E.” is suing Camaron Thomas, a former Chargers starter who now plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers, for sexual battery, assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud through intentional concealment and negligence, according to the lawsuit.

Cam Thomas 2011 (Getty Images)

Adrienne claimed she had unprotected sex on multiple occasions with Cam Thomas in 2010, the lawsuit stated. Adrienne allegedly asked Thomas about “puss-filled bumps on his buttocks and inner thigh” and he said they were caused by sweaty workout gear, the suit claimed.

“She went out and had herself tested for herpes about a year into the relationship…and they maintained a sexual relationship for the next year.

When they broke up she doesn’t end up testing positive for herpes till five months after they’d been apart,” said Chris Morris a defense attorney for Thomas.

“He’s confident that it wasn’t him,” said Morris.

Morris says he’s not even sure Thomas has been infected with the virus.

“If he truly was not infected I would have expected to see those test results in the last two years,” said Sean Murphy the attorney for the plaintiff.

On another occasion, the woman said he questioned him about sores on his penis and he responded that it got stuck in a zipper, according to the documents. They allegedly did not have sex until the area healed.

A sexually transmitted disease test performed on the woman in December 2010 did not show any signs of disease. In a second test done in February 2012, she tested positive for an STD known as genital herpes and said it had to have originated from sexual relations with Thomas, according to the suit.

Thomas was also accused of being physically abusive to Adrienne. The lawsuit claimed Thomas assaulted her in a vehicle while driving, choked her and burned her with an iron.