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SAN DIEGO — A lawsuit filed Tuesday morning called for a halt to Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s proposed bike lane project for 30th Street in North Park.

The plan would remove over 400 parking spaces on 30th Street between Adams Avenue and Juniper Street to make way for two protected bike lanes.

News of the proposed bike lanes sparked public backlash, and North Park business owners and residents formed a coalition called “Save 30th Street Parking,” who filed the lawsuit against the plan Tuesday.

“The problem is that it’s not set forth in the community plan,” said lawyer Craig Shermon during a news conference. “You have to follow your plans. They’re the guiding documents of how your community is to be set up, and this project is just not in the plans, so you’ve got a consistency problem and you’ve got an environmental review problem.”

Shermon also argued the community did not have ample opportunity to weigh in on the plan. Multiple business owners have voiced concerns over how losing parking spots could impact their businesses.

“A lot of people are going to lose business. I’m one of them,” business owner Wadhah Mezo told FOX 5. “I’m already now losing business, because I don’t have parking.”

Mezo said parking is already so limited that he sometimes must park several blocks away from his own store. Other business owners said their concerns are over potential safety hazards.

“It’s just chaos, chaos,” Oscar Galom told FOX 5. “I just know that some little kid is going to get run over by a car or something’s going to happen.”

On the other side are people who believe adding bike lanes will make the area safer.

“I fully support that bike lanes need to exist in San Diego,” said Jarod Reyes. “I ride my bike and it’s scary riding my bike in San Diego, because cars will go 60 mph on these residential streets because they are designed so wide for parking.”

FOX 5 has asked the mayor’s office for a statement about the lawsuit.