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SAN DIEGO — With the possibility that the Chargers could be leaving San Diego, a local lawmaker has come up with a possible plan for the Qualcomm stadium site.

Senator Marty Block says if the Chargers leave Qualcomm stadium, the site would be best used as an annex for San Diego State University.

Block, who was an educator at SDSU for 26 years, said the Aztecs would not be able to play there because the city would likely pursue redevelopment that doesn’t include the stadium. But he said since traffic impacts make redevelopment of the site difficult, it opens up an opportunity for the university.

“Since they really can’t redevelop it because of the traffic and other infrastructure impacts, if the state takes it over at a minimal cost, the state could do several things,” Block said. “It could put up residence halls on the site, put up faculty housing on the site, put up some shops that cater to the student market — things that wouldn’t entail a lot of additional traffic.”

He said very little parking would be provided on the theory that most people there would travel to and from the campus by trolley.

But San Diego State President Elliot Hirshman has said although the university is being considered in the stadium planning process, the funds necessary for the upkeep of a stadium would be a question.

“We expressed our eagerness to participate fully in a stadium partnership that will retain the Chargers in San Diego and advance our region,” Hirshman said in a statement. “We look forward to continued discussions regarding this important initiative.”

“I think the state of California has an obligation, and as the education budget chair in the Senate, I would push for funding to help San Diego State with relocating some student housing and classroom buildings to the area,” Block said.

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