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SAN DIEGO – A brewery in Barrio Logan owned and operated by two Latinas is on a mission to inspire more women of color to make their name in the craft beer industry.

“We started Mujeres Brew Club in 2019 and that was an educational series to empower Latinas who drink craft beer already,” said Carmen Favela, owner and co-founder.

Favela and co-founder Estela Davila, who serves as tasting room lead, eventually branched out from the club to create Mujeres Brew House.

Davila says she’s motivated to educate women in craft beer: “You are going to walk into a bar and say ‘Oh, I know I like that style of beer,’ because that is really intimidating for women.”

Davila grew up a block from where the brewery is now located on Julian Avenue in Barrio Logan.

“When I grew up here it was very rough, a lot of gang activity, a lot of violence,” she told FOX 5.

But Davila sees Mujeres as one in a variety of community centers highlighting a positive direction for the neighborhood: “The fact that Carmen and myself wanted to bring this to this community, it was very important, because a lot of people think, ‘Oh, Barrio,’ but it’s changing so much — changing so much for the better.”

As the tasting lead at the brew house, Davila named one of the beers on their tap after the house she grew up in, calling it “La Casa Verde,” translating to “The Green House.” The brewery is also filled with Latino-inspired art and memorabilia, taking many guests back to their roots.