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LA MESA, Calif. — Some residents and business owners in La Mesa shared their concerns about 5G cell towers Tuesday night by protesting outside of city council chambers.

Carol Anne Drastal told FOX 5 she is a registered nurse who is against the added towers.

“We’re very concerned for our patients. We’re concerned for us being exposed to more radiation in the community,” Drastal said.

“What’s more important, our health or money in our pockets?” one speaker asked councilmembers during the public comment period.

Others shared concerns about the added towers affecting property values.

Cell phone company representatives also spoke. An AT&T representative denied health impacts of adding cell towers. Another said 5G is necessary to keep up with an increasing demand.

Last year, the FCC issued a new ruling that limits local control over 5G cell towers being installed in neighborhoods.

In response, city councilmembers voted 4-1 Tuesday night to pass a resolution that would allow the city some control over the the size, location and appearance of towers, while still complying with the ruling.

“The action that we took tonight was to do exactly what the FCC seems to be trying to limit us,” said La Mesa Mayor, Mark Arapostathis. “That is, to have some type of control of where they come in on a case by case basis.”