La Jolla Cove faces another smelly problem

Cleanup Of Bird Poop At La Jolla Cove To Begin

A private company will begin work to eliminate the stench in La Jolla Cove caused by bird guano Tuesday under a plan announced by Mayor Bob Filner.

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SAN DIEGO - Despite the city’s efforts to clean up after the seagulls and sea lions around La Jolla Cove, the issue appears to be back.

The droppings can be seen splattered across the cliffs, also causing many visitors to complain about the unbearable scent.

“It smells like a potter potty bathroom times 100,” said Sara Wiyedmann, a San Diego resident.

Tourists were holding their Tuesday nose as they walked along the cove.

“Because of the drought, I think the lack of rain-water washing the poop off the rocks could be it, but I definitely think we should clean it up,” said Megan Denin, a resident of the area.

The problem has been ongoing for several years. Last summer, former Mayor Bob Filner declared it a health hazard and hired a company specialized in microbial odor to clean up the mess.

The temporary solution took several days and cost the city $50,000.

Visitors said the smell is especially tough to bear while eating outside.

In 2013, a group of La Jolla Cove businesses, spearheaded by “La Valencia,” general manager Mark Dibella filed a lawsuit against the city claiming that the scent was driving away business.

According to Dibella, the city has scheduled for another cleanup sometime this month, but he argues that it isn’t enough to remedy the problem.

“The city has coordinated several treatment programs for the bluffs with non-toxic chemicals designed to breakdown the waste – these are too few and far between and offer no permanent solution – they are costly,” said Dibella.

Dibella adds that the growing sea lion population has also contributed to the issue.

Councilwoman Sherri Lightner, who oversees the La Jolla cove area, could not be reached for comment.

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