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LOS ANGELES – A knife reportedly found at the former Brentwood home of  O.J. Simpson is not connected to the 1994 double-murder of Simpson’s ex-wife and her friend, the Los Angeles Police Department said Friday.

Forensic tests performed on the knife showed that it was not used in the gruesome killings of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, police sources told the Los Angeles Times.

The LAPD crime lab examined the knife for blood, fingerprints and DNA. Technicians also compared the 5-inch fixed-blade knife to the wounds inflicted on Simpson and Goldman. The testing showed the knife was not connected to the slayings, police sources said.

Simpson was tried for both murders and acquitted of all charges in 1994.

A retired LAPD officer was given the knife by a construction worker who found it while working at Simpson’s former home in 2003.