Kittens stow away in steel column from NorCal to San Diego

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SAN DIEGO — Construction workers arriving in San Diego from Northern California were shocked to find a litter of kittens had stowed away in their truck.

The crews had just travelled south from Hayward, in San Francisco’s East Bay, to the site of planned medical offices for Kaiser Permanente in Clairemont “when they heard meows coming from a 60-foot steel column.”

Workers tried to coax the kittens out with food, but finally had to tip the column to get the animals free.

“Five kittens slid out, and the construction workers called San Diego Humane Society for help,” the Humane Society wrote. “Officers picked up the one-week old kittens and transferred them to the SDHS Kitten Nursery for 24-hour care.”

It wasn’t clear if the kittens had hitched a ride all the way from Hayward, or if they had climbed into the column somewhere along the route.

The kittens, now about one-month-old, have each been named after construction tools and materials. Crowbar, Rebar, Chisel, Jackhammer and Piper are gaining weight and doing well in foster care, the Humane Society says.

When the kittens are about two months old, they will be available for adoption.

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