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SAN DIEGO – A fourth grade boy fighting for his life recently discovered the power of friendship.

“I was diagnosed with a brain tumor,” Travis Selinka told Fox5.  “I went to Houston for radiation and I lost all my hair.”

After the seven weeks of radiation therapy, the bald 10-year-old was embarrassed to return to school.

“He was a little nervous about coming back only because he didn’t have hair,” Travis’ mother Lynne Selinka said. “He was afraid what the kids would think.”

His friends at El Camino Creek Elementary School were quick to pick up on Selinka’s feelings. Fifteen of them went to the barber shop and shaved their

“Without me even knowing it, one of the boys got together with his mother and they planned a whole thing at this barbershop,” fourth grader teacher Karin Roberts said. “Since they did it, Travis hasn’t worn his hat. They all just are beautiful amazing people.”

“Fifteen boys went into that barbershop, 15 men walked out,” his mother said. “It was overwhelming and every time I think about it, it brings tears to my eyes….every one of them shaved their head for Travis.”

“I think we all understand that he’s been through a lot and just needs support,” classmate Colby Archer said.

The kind gestures have eased Selinka’s transition back into school, something this fourth grader has come to appreciate.

“I want to thank them all very much for doing that. It has made it a lot easier for me,” Selinka said.