Julian family looking for ‘angels’ who helped save their lives after crash

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JULIAN, Calif. — A family in Julian is hoping to find the man and woman who pulled over and helped them after their SUV crashed into a tree along State Route 78.

Lynsay Bentrum’s husband, Tim, was driving her and their four children in their Durango on Friday, Nov. 6 after a long work day of overtime. Bentrum and the children were asleep in the SUV.

They had just passed Wynola around 11 p.m., when exhaustion settled in and Tim fell asleep behind the wheel, according to Bentrum. The Durango hit a tree and flipped at least once.

Bentrum said she was ejected from the SUV.  When she woke up and realized what had just taken place, Bentrum immediately ran to the wreckage to look for her family.

To her surprise, her husband and children were unscathed.

Bentrum said that was when a man came out of nowhere and led her into a white truck.  He held her and her 6-month-old baby girl and reassured her she was going to be taken care of. Inside the truck, Bentrum said, a Hispanic woman held her again and began praying out loud.

The entire family was rushed to Ramona, where Bentrum and baby Colette were airlifted to Sharp Memorial Hospital as a precaution. Bentrum was hospitalized for two days.

Bentrum suffered cuts, bruises and road rash on her face and hands, as a result of being ejected from the SUV.  None of the other family members were hurt in the crash.

Bentrum said she is still in shock and her family is traumatized over the wreck.

The children drew pictures of the crash and the “angels” that helped keep them warm while emergency workers were called. Bentrum has been having nightmares where the “angels” make appearances as well.

The family posted pictures of their wrecked vehicle on Facebook hoping it will lead them to the man and woman who prayed for them. They never learned who they were and want to give their thanks in person.

If anyone knows who the rescuers are, the family would like to be contacted on their Facebook page.

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