Judge nullifies Tom Brady’s 4-game ‘Deflategate’ suspension

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NEW YORK – U.S. District Court Judge Richard M. Berman nullified New England Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension over the DeflateGate case.

The central issue was whether NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell adhered to guidelines in the league’s collective bargaining agreement when he suspended Brady for four games and then upheld that suspension upon appeal.

The NFL contended that Goodell had the authority to punish Brady however he saw fit, based on the collective bargaining agreement, and that courts have long deferred to arbitrators when ruling on similar labor conflicts.

Brady’s lawyers argued the quarterback’s punishment went beyond anything outlined in the collective bargaining agreement and that the league put forth an inconsistent claim on why Brady was being punished,  first saying the quarterback had a “general awareness” of the deflated footballs but then saying he had an active role in the scheme.


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