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SAN DIEGO – Some people closest to Joseph McStay, his wife and children, who were all murdered, were criticizing how San Diego authorities handled of the case.

The family disappeared from their home in 2010. Three years later, their bodies were found and earlier this week an accused killer arrested.

As many breathed a sigh of relief as Joseph McStay’s former business associate, Charles Ray Merritt was handcuffed, Joseph McStay’s father Patrick criticized some law enforcement, according to missing persons blogger Jerrie Dean.

Dean runs Missing Persons of America, a blog she started in February 2011. More than 4 million people have visited her site and thousands have reached out to her over the years, including Patrick McStay.

As days turned into weeks and months turned into years, Dean and Patrick McStay kept in touch, logging hours of their own research.

“He’s very blatant about the fact that he didn’t feel they did a good job at all,” Dean said. “He’d want to get the word out about something and since I had a lot of followers, I was able to help him that way.”

It was research she said San Diego County authorities paid little attention to as they searched for evidence to fit their own theory that the family had left their home willingly.

“[Patrick] did have a lot of documentation a lot of financial documentation. He did a lot of leg work that he gave to the police department…according to him it was dismissed and they didn’t think it was anything worth going after,” Dean said.

Dean said she remembers the very moment Patrick McStay told her his family members’ bodies had been found.

“It pulled the rug out rug out from under me. I was so shocked and surprised. I thought that they were going to be found alive,” Dean said.

Dean continues working closely alongside Patrick McStay and blogs regularly about the developments in this case and thousands of others.