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SAN DIEGO — A family that moved to Mira Mesa from Israel to bring up their children in a safer environment is fearful for their lives after someone spray painted swastikas on their property during the Jewish Passover holiday.

Just after 11 p.m. Sunday night, Israel Dahan and his family were settling in after a long day of celebration. The electricity in their home went out, prompting him and his wife to check on their three young daughters, including an 18-month-old, he said.

After Dahan went to the circuit breaker to turn the power back on, he realized that during the two minutes the power was shut off someone had spray painted giant red swastikas on his garage door and the hood of his truck.

“In Jewish history, [swastikas] mean someone wants to kill us,” Dahan explained.

In home security surveillance videos, Dahan can be seen examining his front yard with his brother-in-law, looking for the vandals. Other family members called 911. San Diego police arrived 45 minutes after the incident.  Neighbors woke up to officers at their doors just after midnight asking if they had seen or heard anything suspicious.

“This neighborhood has been a good neighborhood for 21 years. We’ve never had any problems here,” neighbor Don Elmore said.

Elmore said he and other neighbors were disgusted to see Dahan’s home tagged with swastikas.

Dahan has not been back to work since the incident because his wife is afraid something might happen again. The 28-year-old father of three said all of his daughters are sleeping in the master bedroom with the doors locked. Dahan said he does not want to invite guests to his home for the remainder of the Passover holiday because whoever painted the swastikas is still out there.

The family of five moved to the U.S. from Israel in December of 2014 in search of a safer place to raise their children.

“We decided to move to the U.S. in order to be more safe and to protect our kids … We’re just trying to grow our kids in [a] quiet neighborhood in a quiet place, which has not happened,” Dahan said.

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