Imperial Beach residents living along bike path urged to clean up yards

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IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. – South Bay neighbors are not only upset over a bike path in their backyards, but are fuming after receiving a notice from the city telling them to clean-up or get fined.

Residents on 7th Street received a letter from the city demanding compliance of all city blight ordinances within 30 days or they will be fined.

“Thirty days to comply or pay? That’s pretty heavy-handed,” said one resident.

Neighbors on 7th Street have had private backyards for decades, but ever since a bike path was installed scores of people walk past their backyards every day.

The city said in the spirit of improvement they want to make sure people keep their properties maintained.

“I didn’t want the bike path and now the city is forcing me to spend a bunch of money that I don’t have to put in grass? Who’s going to pay for this the city? I don’t think so,” said resident Miles Mattis, a local line chef.

The city manager of Imperial Beach said the goal is to have a cleaner community and welcomes residents to call him to discuss ways to achieve it.

The city issued these guidelines:

Please review the condition of the rear yard area of your property. If any of the conditions below are present, please correct the violations within 30 days of this notice:

  • Fences installed around the vacant property must be kept in good repair and meet IBMC requirements. Temporary fence materials are not permitted, including construction fencing without a valid permit. In order to improve the general design standards of the City, new chain link fences are prohibited from commercial and design review corridors. Consult the City Planning Department at (619) 628-2381 for approved fencing materials. (IBMC 8.50.090.G.)
  • Parking and storage of vehicles, equipment, storage containers, etc. on the property is prohibited. (IBMC 8.50.090.I.)
  • Trash, debris, construction materials, etc. are prohibited from accumulating on the property. (IBMC 1.16.010.K&L.)
  • Overgrown or dead vegetation on property, including sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and parkways is prohibited from accumulating on the property (IBMC 1.16.010.G&H.)
  • Property that becomes or is maintained to be unsightly, deteriorated or detrimental to nearby property and property values is prohibited (IBMC 1.16.10.S.)

Please review the condition of your property. Take appropriate steps to correct any violations that exist. Inspections of properties will be conducted on or after May 20, 2018. If your property fails to meet minimum standards, you may be assessed a fine of not less than $100.00. If you have any questions about this program, please contact me at 619-628-1358.

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