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SAN DIEGO — A weeklong immigration sweep saw at least 20 arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in San Diego County.

The sweep comes ahead of another big ICE raid expected to target 10 major U.S. cities on Sunday, including Los Angeles.

“They’re going to take criminals out and put them in prison or put them in prison in the countries they came from,” President Trump said of the planned raids. “We’re focused on criminals as much as we can.”

The sweep in San Diego also seemed to target those with criminal records. The government reported that 85% of the immigrants arrested had prior criminal convictions or criminal charges. Others were immigration violators.

Included in the San Diego sweep was a 33-year-old Mexico national said to have been deported seven times. The man allegedly re-entered the country illegally after each deportation.

Sunday’s raids are expected to target immigrant families who already have court orders to be removed. The sweep could also include collateral deportations of other immigrants found with the targeted individuals when they are taken into custody.