Boy robs ice cream truck at gunpoint

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SAN DIEGO – An ice cream truck driver was robbed by a boy with a handgun in the Skyline area Thursday evening, police said.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 12.35.01 PMThe robbery happened near the intersection of Black Oak Road and Meadowbrook Drive, according to San Diego Police Officer James Johnson.

In surveillance video obtained by Fox 5 you can see the ice cream truck driving through the neighborhood minutes before the robbery.

Johnson said the boy, approximately age 10 to 12, demanded money from the driver of the ice cream truck. The boy had a handgun.

“Because of his age this is something we’re concerned about,” said Johnson. “Is there a pattern here? Are there other issues? And because of his age is it at a time now where we can interfere and maybe get him on the right path?”

Johnson said the driver handed money to the boy, who then took off running with two other boys who were nearby.

The ice cream truck driver was not injured.

The homeowner who captured the surveillance of the ice cream truck said she purchased the cameras because of incidents like this. She spoke to Fox 5 off-camera.

“I think it’s crazy in this world, because they’re so young,” she said. “I think the parents should be responsible for where their kids go. I don’t understand it.”

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