Hurricane Dorian impacting travelers nationwide, including in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO — Hurricane Dorian has already proven deadly in the Bahamas and as it moves toward the East Coast, it’s causing airport closures, flight cancellations and evacuations.

In San Diego, the few outbound and inbound flights from Fort Lauderdale and Orlando were all cancelled Monday night. Though San Diego didn’t have any incoming travelers from those destinations expecting to be hit the hardest, news of the hurricane still hits home for many.

“We went through several hurricanes and we were there for Irma,” said Kimberly Bush, who used to live in Florida.

She also arrived to San Diego from the East Coast Monday saying, “all the flights starting at five last night were all messed up.”

Now as forecasters say Dorian might not just hit Florida, but the Carolinas and Georgia too, Bush says she is not surprised.

“You just learn that you never know. The projections are never really that accurate when all is said and done. I think it’s a badge of pride in Florida to stick it out through the hurricane, but it’s not always a smart move,” said Bush.

Canceled Florida flights in and out of San Diego International Airport were on Jet Blue and Frontier. Both airlines listed updated travel alerts on their websites telling travelers there will be no cancelation or rebooking fees if your travel has been affected by the hurricane, to and from certain listed cities.

In all, Hurricane Dorian forced the cancellations of more than 1,200 flights nationwide Monday and is expected to do the same Tuesday.

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