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SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Day three of a hunger strike continued Sunday outside the Hilton Mission Valley where a group of employees are waiting to find out whether or not they’ll be able to keep their jobs.

An afternoon rally was held in the name of community solidarity to try and keep those workers from being fired.

“We’re calling on the Hilton to let these women keep working so they can maintain their families,” said Brigette Browning with the Hotel Workers Union.

In March, Evolution Hospitality took over hotel management and said they would use E-Verify to check the legal working status of 15 employees.

Six workers resigned — nine others await their fate.

“They make $8.40 an hour.  It’s not like they have this huge savings account that’s going to provide for them and their families.  People are just outraged by this idea that from one day to the next you can be tossed out on the streets as if you have no value,” said Browning.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner appeared at the rally to throw his support behind the workers.

“You inspire us – the nine of you.  We have to stand with you because if you go down, we all go down,” said Filner.

Browning said workers expect to find out around 5p.m. Monday if they get to keep their jobs.