SAN DIEGO – 101 days into the war in Ukraine, support is still here in San Diego.

The House of Ukraine is still continuing its rallies of support for Ukraine at Balboa Park. The group has been out every Saturday since the war started. This Saturday’s focus was on the Ukrainian Children still in Ukraine.

The group placed children’s shoes around the El Cid Campeador statue at Balboa Park on Saturday, each pair representing a child killed in Russia’s invasion; more than 200 children have been killed as a result of the war in Ukraine.

At the rally, children stood front and center-singing and speaking to the community.

“I can be a kid, but Ukrainian children are not so lucky. They are dying every day,” said nine-year-old Karina Pachko.

Vera Skop, a board member with the House of Ukraine, added, “these are innocent bystanders, these are not soldiers fighting soldiers, what is it to maim a kid, what kind of a war is that.”

‘Ukrainian children don’t have childhood because it was destroyed by Russians. It’s time to stand together to stop the war in Ukraine,” said Pachko.

Children understand the struggles Ukrainians are facing in their war-torn country.

“Ukrainian kids and people need a lot of help because they don’t have food or water,” Pachko said.

Supports say they know some people may have war fatigue, but that the fight is still vital.

“We can’t afford to be tired,” Skop said. “We don’t have rockets flying over our head or sirens going off. So we got to keep working…all these emotions, we want this to be over with but it’s not over with.” 

The rally then turned into a candlelight vigil outside the House of Ukraine.

“This is the way I can support and should support. I truly believe one day all these people will hug each other with joy, because we will win.” Said Yuliia Dryhybka, who is from Kyiv, Ukraine.

When all the candles were blown out, those from Ukraine took time to thank the United States.

Dryhybka said, “we are so grateful to the American nation for all the support you have been doing. For the bill, you have supported, you have called to your representatives and it came through.”