Horrible Bosses

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horrible bosses
Kevin Spacey has played a horrible boss before.

Talking heads have commented that the Casey Anthony trial was won the day the jury was selected. The same thing was said about the OJ Simpson trial.

That same logic can apply to Horrible Bosses. The movie will be a huge hit because of how the film was cast.

The three best friends have wonderful chemistry and some funny lines.

Jason Bateman continues to play the nice guy.

Jason Sudeikis (Saturday Night Live), who played a weasel in Hall Pass, plays a similar version of that character here.

And Charlie Day (It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia) has a voice you’ll either love, or will sound like fingernails on a chalkboard.

His voice worked great as he’s trying to stop from being sexually harassed by Jennifer Aniston. The problem was – his lines were horribly written. So were Aniston’s.

Casting Kevin Spacey as one of the horrible bosses would’ve been more intriguing had I not thought about his similar performance in Swimming with Sharks.

Colin Farrell is the other horrible boss (after his dad Donald Sutherland dies; the second movie I’ve seen him die in this year, after the first 15 minutes).

It would’ve been funnier seeing him with the bald head/bad comb over, had we not laughed at Tom Cruise doing that in Tropic Thunder…or if the rest of his scenes lived up to the fun we got the first time he talked about “trimming the fat” at the work place.

Jamie Foxx stole every scene he was in. The problem was he only had three scenes.

A premise where disenfranchised employees look to hire a hit man, means you’re not supposed to take anything seriously. Otherwise, wouldn’t we have to hate these guys more than the bosses? They’re plotting murder, which is far worse than the boss making fun of the employee in a wheelchair.

The problem is, I couldn’t shake the thought that had they just had a hidden tape recorder or camera, they could film their bosses and sue.

Sure, you’ll smile when Aniston is sucking on Day’s ear. It was a funny visual. The problem was that just having her talk raunchy isn’t funny. I remember at one point in that dentists’ office, hearing a Muzak version of Gnarl’s Barkley’s Crazy. I was more entertained by that!

Director Seth Gordon made a splash with his first feature film – a documentary called King of Kong – A Fistful of Quarters. It’s one of the best documentaries ever.

He went on to direct Four Christmases, which had only a few funny scenes.

While this movie has about 10 more humorous scenes, it’s just not enough.

A perfect example of why this film doesn’t work is when they meet at Applebee’s. This is the same place Sudeikis hung out at in Hall Pass (makes me wonder why they didn’t go Olive Garden, or Fuddrucker’s — certainly a funnier sounding name).

As they discuss how bad their bosses are, we get to see the scene that’s done in way too many films – the fantasy where one character starts to strangle the boss, and throws him out the window.

There wasn’t a single funny thing about it, and I thought of a funny bit the skit comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall did, where the six guys talk about killing their dads over a game of poker. That entire bit was funnier than this whole movie.

This movie was like watching an SNL skit that had a decent premise but went on too long.

That being said, it’s going to be huge. It’ll be this summers Hangover.

It’s the male’s answer to Bridesmaids. Oh wait…that was the female answer to Hangover.

Whatever you want to call it, I have to recommend it. Even though I thought it was weak, most people that see it are going to be glad they did.

I think Bateman was so much funnier as the boss in Mike Judge’s underrated Extract from last year, and even with Jennifer Aniston previously in The Switch. It got bad reviews, but was a decent comedy.

This gets 2 out of 5 stars.

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