Homeless storage facility future in doubt

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SAN DIEGO — A storage facility for San Diego’s homeless population once again faces an uncertain future after “red flags” were raised by organization staff and the city’s Housing Commission.

The commission said it will decide next week whether to continue with plans to put the Waterman Check-in Center under its wing, or find another non-profit organization to operate the center.

Exactly what brought about the commission’s concern is unclear, but Gerry Limpic, administrator of the center, was fired on March 14 amid financial concerns.

“There were things that I was not happy with,” said David Ross, also known as ‘The Waterman’.

“I’m not comfortable or at liberty to talk about specifics,” Ross said. “Only to say change has been for the best.”

The Waterman Check-In Center was opened as part of a settlement between the ACLU and the city of San Diego.  It’s police department took possessions from several homeless people, leading to a lawsuit.

A $100,000 settlement got the center off the ground.  Around 300 homeless people are able to keep what they have in what are essentially trash cans.

The money ran out in February, but city leaders agreed to put the project under the supervision of the Housing Commission, with a $45,000 grant.

But before the money could be spent, there were problems.  Ross said money had to be raised to fill the void, but cost overruns reached $30,000.

When asked if he was confident the money stayed with the non-profit, Ross told Fox 5, “My hope is the answer to that is yes.  We’re doing everything in our power to make sure everything is accountable.”

Housing Commission spokeswoman Maria Velasquez said it will decide next week whether to proceed with plans next week.

Ross is confident the facility will stay open.

“We’re working hand-in-hand with the housing commission,” Ross said.

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