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SAN DIEGO – As Americans enjoy the holiday weekend, law enforcement officers issued warnings that Isis militants are eyeing the US-Mexican border.

The warning comes after more than 30 posts on social media sites Facebook and Twitter by users believed to be Isis militants.

Homeland security expert Ron Bee and other analysts agree terrorist groups use drug cartels to transcend borders. They use the criminals to transport drugs and in some cases even terrorists to new soil.

“We shouldn’t be afraid. We’re Americans,” Bee said. “The border patrol has been aware of this and has been overwhelmed by the number of immigrants; that does open a hole, as it were, in the Southern border.”

Though he doesn’t think San Diegans should fear an attack, it is something to be mindful of all the time. It was just days ago that a group of illegal immigrants ran their boat ashore a local beach.

“It does show that a boat full of people came ashore. We found seven of them, but a number of them we didn’t find,” Bee said. “Were they all from Mexico or were they from somewhere else? This has to be a worry for our law enforcement officials.”

Now government officials are monitoring social media sites. They’re looking for clues on when and where an attack could happen. Homeland Security is keeping a close eye on Juarez, a Mexican city bordering Texas thanks to threatening tweets.

Using technology for terrorist propaganda is nothing new.

“Remember, the internet was used to plan 9/11,” Bee said. “And cell phones aren’t just used to communicate, they also trigger IEDs.”

The newest threats against America come as the United Kingdom raises their threat level to the highest it has been in more than three years.

“We’ve all been shocked by the murder of American journalist James Foley and by the voice of the British terrorist recorded on video. It is clear evidence, not that any more was needed, that this is not some conflict 1,000 miles away that we can ignore,” British Prime Minister David Cameron said.

The White House is doing no more than keeping a watchful eye.

“I’m sure that Homeland Security would raise the level when they saw fit because they’re all professionals and have been working there since 2001,” Bee said.