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OCEANSIDE, Calif. — The HOA that came under fire for reportedly telling a Marine’s wife to remove her American flag has issued a response to the claim.

“We honor the military, honor our colors. Anybody in the community who wants to fly a flag, we’ll go to extraordinary lengths to help them out,” said Robert Ross, vice president of the Home Owners Association.

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“Our property manager was subjected to some harassment, threats of pickets and all kinds of stuff and they’re a great company and they do a great job for us,” said Ross. “The solution to the problem necessitated that flag move one foot and problem solved.”

Ross’s group reportedly received a large amount of backlash following the original report.

Meanwhile, the homeowner, Heather Valenti, says she has slightly moved the flag but will continue to wait and see if the rule is enforced on her neighbors.

“I just want to see it be an equal thing throughout the entire community so when everybody takes their stuff down then I’ll move my flag, no problem,” said Valenti. “Once I see that other people’s things have been taken down as well, then I’ll take my flag down or move it if they need me to.”

A written response from the HOA reads:

“The board and its representative management company has and will continue to accommodate residents who want to display our flag. This incident in question a resident was noticed for an item in the common area which was not recognizable as a flag. When resident notified management it was a flag she was sent information to apply for approval. I feel sorry for the owner and employees of Curtis Management who were subjected to this unwarranted harassment. We live in a community with rules and it is the responsibility of each resident to be aware of them.”

In a letter to FOX 5, the complex management team wrote:

“This issue has been resolved and the property owner has simply relocated her American Flag from the common area planter to her personal potted plant just a couple of feet away. Our staff member sent the letter as a directive from the Homeowners Association and in NO way it was meant to offend the wife of one of our fighting hero’s overseas. We at Curtis Management Company are Pro America and totally support all of our men and women fighting overseas for our freedom and we support the displaying of the American Flag to all that wish to fly it. The HOA Board of Directors sincerely apologizes to anyone that was offended concerning this incident.”