Helicopter rescues hiking couple suffering from heat exhaustion

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SANTEE, Calif. — Two experienced hikers deep in Mission Trails Regional Park were rescued after suffering a serious bout of heat exhaustion Monday afternoon.

Marianne Patterson is an experienced hiker who has spent her life traveling the world and traversing some of the most technical trails in Europe.

“I was in real trouble at that point, I was dizzy and nauseous. All the signs of heat exhaustion,” she said.

Her husband Stephen broke out his emergency pack and created a shelter for Marianne to try to cool down her body, then called for help.

“When we were heading up, we weren’t sweating at all and that’s a really bad sign,” he said.

The temperatures had reached into the triple digits and with little shade, the couple took laid down using towels as protection from the glaring sun. Hikers passing by provided a little extra water to buy them time but in the end, a helicopter from the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department swept up the dehydrated and exhausted hikers and rushed them to safety.

Now, the couple wants to share their story to remind people to prepare for the summer conditions and be sure to always listen to your body while hiking. They are fully recovered and are currently preparing for another backpacking adventure in Europe.

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