SAN DIEGO — San Diego State University is reopening its Exercise and Nutritional Sciences (ENS) building after it had been closed since mid-February for a Legionella pneumonia investigation, education officials said.

Dr. Michael J. Buono, a professor in the School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences, was identified as the person exposed to the bacteria, and he later died from it in March. Prior to Buono’s death, an initial report indicated that the infected individual was quarantined from campus and recovering.

“Following comprehensive testing and health and safety measures, the ENS Building and the ENS Annex will reopen on Monday, April 24. There is no additional action you need to take, and all university activities – research, classes and meetings – can resume on Monday,” the university announced.

SDSU thanked students, staff and faculty for cooperating and adapting to the situation.

There have been no additional reports of Legionnaires’ disease on campus, according to the university.