SAN DIEGO – Parents in San Diego who have been desperately searching for baby formula are continuing to face difficulties as the nationwide shortage continues. 

Just yesterday, President Joe Biden announced that more than 78,000 pounds of formula had arrived into the U.S. from Europe, but the delivery has yet to have helped the widespread issue.

“No parents should have that fear of ‘how am I going feed my child,'” said Michelle Harvey, a San Diego mom who decided she had to help.

After hearing from desperate parents online and seeing empty store shelves, Harvey got straight to organizing, creating a Facebook group for moms and dads in need.

“I wanted the group to have basically a donate or share at cost, so there’s no profiting. I want to make sure that people are not coming into the group to profit off of these parents who are already struggling.”

Harvey’s Facebook group was started less than a week ago and already has grown to over 400 members. The group provides people with a space to share, sell, trade, or just offer.

“We’re asking parents, or employees of stores, if they can take a picture of what’s in stock and do a timestamp a day stamp so we know when it’s in stock,” Harvey said.

While some big box stores like Walmart, Target, and Costco are currently out of stock, the Facebook group has found several special formulas that some group members say is impossible to locate.

“It seems to be a lot of these parents are feeling a bit desperate and they’re not needing formula- this isn’t something that they’re needing in the weeks to come, a lot of them need it right now,” Harvey said.

She’s not the only one taking to social media to help connect parents to formula or breast milk.

Fit 4 Mom, a San Diego-based nationwide fitness organization with thousands of members, just announced the “Moms With A Mission: Milk Mission 2022.” The initiative provides parents in need with locations, resources, and support for those looking for formula.