More E. coli infections expected from county fair exposure

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SAN DIEGO — There were no new reports Monday of E. coli infections from people who attended the San Diego County Fair, but county officials said they expect more cases in the coming days.

Three children are still recovering from the infection that killed one child, 2-year-old Jedidiah King Cabezuela last week. All four children became ill after visiting the fair’s petting zoo, authorities said.

“There are generally more cases that are learned about over time, so I would expect more cases to come forward,” said Dr. Eric McDonald, with San Diego County Health Services .

News of the fatal outbreak, which was announced Friday night, has prompted a rush into emergency rooms.

“We noted that the number of pediatric patients in particular going to the ER doubled over the weekend, but there were no new cases despite that activity,” McDonald said.

McDonald said it is important for anyone with symptoms to see a doctor immediately.

“So because we’ve made this announcement, it is likely that more people will go see the doctor then might go get seen. And also we have let doctors know to focus in on the history of going to the fair, so that they do testing more aggressively,” said McDonald “I’m thinking probably seven to 10 days before we will know whether there are any more cases.”

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