SAN DIEGO – Appointments to administer some 800 doses of the monkeypox vaccine quickly filled up Wednesday as San Diego County health officials work to manage the spread of the virus.

The appointments for Thursday and Friday vaccination clinics were filled before noon Tuesday, the county said in a tweet. The clinics come just days after the World Health Organization declared monkeypox a global emergency amid an ongoing outbreak now found in at least 70 countries.

To date, San Diego County has tallied 20 confirmed and probable cases of monkeypox. About 2,200 doses of the vaccine have been made available to the county to help combat the virus.

The limited number of appointments largely are being prioritized for people who have been in close contact with another person who tested positive or anyone who attended an event where a case was reported.

“The virus is primarily spreading in gay and bisexual men who have more than one sexual partner or attend sex parties, but anyone who is exposed can get it,” Dr. Cameron Kaiser, the county’s deputy public health officer, said in a statement Monday. “Having intimate contact or anonymous sex with people you meet in dating or hook-up apps increases your risk of contracting the virus.”

Kasier adds, “Please ask your partners about recent illnesses or rashes.”

Those with questions or who were interested in scheduling an appointment were asked by the county to call 211.

More information on the spread of monkeypox is available by clicking or tapping here.

FOX 5’s Jacqueline Sarkissian contributed to this report.