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SAN DIEGO – Nearly one million people have now been vaccinated in San Diego County, and as businesses start reopening, office buildings appear to be next.

“The office is me and a few other lawyers that I share the space with,” said Joe McMullan, who has already returned to work.

He said a couple of his coworkers have chosen to remain at home working virtually.

“I work from home — technically, going to school — and I know I’m not as efficient,” said Jake Skalesy, who is attending law school downtown. He said classes are slated to return to in-person this fall and he’s excited for it but a little nervous, too.

“I think that people need to ease their way back into it. We can’t expect everything to be just like it was when we left,” said Dr. Deanna Crosby, a psychologist with New Method Wellness. “Things are going to be different and we need to go slow and give ourselves the opportunity to transition.

A recent survey from FlexJobs of more than 2,000 people found that 58% of employees say they would look for a new job if they weren’t allowed to return to work.

Meanwhile, staffing firm LaSalle Network surveyed 350 CEOs nationwide and found 70% plan to have employees back in the office by fall, if not sooner.

“What I’ve heard in speaking to a number of CEOs is as they’re trying to work out the return-to-work plan, they are getting push back,” said Liz Lyons, associate professor of management at UC San Diego. “The CEOs I’ve been talking to have been suggesting this hybrid — maybe one day a week remote or maybe three days in the office, two days remote.”