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SAN DIEGO – After 40 days of straight walking, Dale Rule completed his mission to walk from Seaside Oregon to SeaWorld San Diego in the hopes of inspiring others to lose weight.

“I was 362 pounds, 38 (years old) and if I didn’t do something I would have died,” said Rule.

With the simple act of walking, Rule said he was able to drop 140 pounds and wanted to take his life saving hobby to the next level.

The high school football coach from Washington walked 34 miles a day without a day off.  Rule walked more than 1,300 miles to Mission Bay before collapsing into the waiting arms of his wife and three boys Monday.

“America doesn’t have a weight problem – it has an esteem problem,” Rule said. “People need to believe they are worth it or they will never defeat their challenge.”

“When you love yourself, you have confidence to go do things,” Rule said.