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SAN DIEGO — The spread of the coronavirus is causing a variety of businesses and places people visit often to rethink how sanitary and safe their spaces are, including gyms.

This week, a number of gyms throughout the region began sending out memos about cleanliness and hygiene practices. The Boxing Club in East Village allowed FOX 5 to take a look at some of those extra measures in place.

Sanitizer sprays, gels, wipes and signs could be found posted throughout The Boxing Club Thursday.

“We can’t be hermits and we are going to be social so just be aware of the situation and clean after yourselves,” said Kozue Yoshioka, a member at the gym.

So far, business is steady at the gym and co-owner Artem Sharoshkin wants to keep it that way, making sure members know their safety is a priority.

“We double down on the process for cleaning anything from in between classes to sanitization between all of the equipment that is being used,” Sharoshkin said.

In addition to the extra stations set up throughout the gym, additional health promotion and training is being providing for staff across the board.

Then there’s that reminder that can never be repeated enough: “You’re sweating, you’re sharing classes with a lot of people so we want to make sure that we follow some basic hygiene down to washing your hands,” said Sharoshkin.

If you’re thinking about ditching the gym altogether during the spread of coronavirus, Sharoshkin says don’t underestimate a healthy immune system.

“You actually want to exercise, you want to stay active because that it’s proven to help your immune system as well as release some of the stress which can cause some of the sickness,” Sharoshkin said.