SAN DIEGO — Health officials are warning people to get their flu shot ahead of what could be a severe flu season.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that anyone six months and older get their flu shot.

Scott Levine says he plans to get his shot next week, with Thursday marking the beginning of Fall.

“I am vaccinated and I’ve got my booster so hopefully that with a flu shot, hopefully, that will take care of it, keep me safe, keep everybody safe,” Levine told FOX 5.

Some customers say on top of concerns over COVID-19, they worry about the upcoming flu season.

“I’m concerned,” Flordeliza Delcid said. “I have two children. My husband and I, we miss work, we miss money.”

The San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency says there have been 380 flu cases reported so far this flu season. The agency released numbers showing that number is up from 116 during the same time last flu season.

“Definitely concerning,” Levine said. “Definitely another reason to get the flu shot sooner than later. Definitely a reason for more people to get their flu shots.”

The CDC recommends people get their flu shot in September or October.

Based on a surge in flu cases in Australia, some doctors are bracing for a bad flu season in the United States this year. That’s why some patients are choosing to protect themselves now.

“I’ll still wear my mask to work,” Delcid said. “I’ll wear my mask inside the grocery stores. When I’m around family who might have underlying conditions, I’ll still wear my mask because you just never know.”

To find a flu shot location near you, visit the County of San Diego website.