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CARLSBAD, Calif. – Overcoming an injury can become a slow, painful and frustrating process for athletes, yet many patients in Carlsbad said their doctor’s unique bedside manner keeps them coming back.

Family and sports medicine Dr. Jeffery Pearson is dedicated to the art of laughter and says a little time and magic can make a big difference in an injured athlete’s life.

“You can depend of laughing when you come here and having a good time. And when you leave you got what you came for,” Pearson said.

Pearson’s list of accolades runs longer than his famous banana trick. He has worked in nearly every aspect of family and sports medicine, including helping Olympians, Paralympians, Rock ‘N Roll marathoners and received the patient care award for excellence in patient education.

“He’s a crazy man, but a really good doctor,” said Fran Stevenson, a patient of Dr. Pearson for over seven years.

Many of his patients keep coming back for more.

“I have this annoying habit where I actually talk with patients. I spend time with them and try and help them relax and using the combination of improv, magic, and stuff. I get them to learn better… You learn more when you’re having fun,” said Pearson.

“He’s able to bring you out from whatever shell you are in and maybe get rid of that bad feeling at the time you’re in the office,” said Ray Stevenson, another Pearson patient.

“You get professional medical care, two jokes and a magic trick — and insurance pays for the whole thing,” said a patient in the waiting room.

Pearson also mentors Ryan Bart, a fourth year medical student.

“Harry Houdini said in certain circumstances magic not only entertains and amuses, but actually has the potential to awaken hope. That the impossible is possible, and I definitely have seen that first hand here with Dr. Pearson,” Bart said. “The way he interacts with his patients it really fills them with hope, joy and feeling inspired and excited to come to the doctor.”

“That’s mentoring. I want him to learn to treat his patients the same,” said Pearson. “To spend time with them and entertain, and in fact, he’s also a magician as well by sheer coincidence.”

Dr. Pearson does it all for the love of medicine.