SAN DIEGO — The boil water advisory for residents in Imperial Beach and Coronado’s Silver Strand was lifted early Saturday night after local water officials confirmed there was no longer a presence of bacteria.

The advisory was issued on Thursday after E. Coli bacteria was detected in the drinking water system, impacting customers of the utility company, California America Water. Portions of Chula Vista were also placed under the warning.

After the advisory was issued, officials had to conduct an investigation to determine the source of the bacteria and repair it before flushing the water. Then, the water had to be tested again, with two samples coming back negative for E. coli.

The lifting of the advisory means the bacteria was no longer detected in the water supply, allowing residents to resume normal water use.

“After extensive water testing, Cal Am and the State Water DDW determined the water is now safe to drink,” the City of Imperial Beach said in post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

California America Water has 17,219 service connections, serving approximately 106,000 people. The cause of the E. coli contamination remains under investigation by the company.

“It is critical for us to receive accurate and timely information from California American and the state water board so that we can share it with our communities,” San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chair Nora Vargas said during a press conference on Friday.

As a result of the boil water advisory, several South County schools canceled classes on Friday, including all schools in the San Ysidro School District. Many businesses in the area also closed as a result of the advisory.

According to the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services, the Department of Environmental Health and Quality is working with restaurants to provide updated guidance and resources to help them resume operations now that it is no longer in effect. Businesses will not be required to undergo inspection or approval as part of the reopening process, OES added.