Gun show returns to Del Mar Fairgrounds

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DEL MAR, Calif. — The Crossroads of the West Gun Show is setting up for another year of selling weapons and ammo to thousands of people this weekend at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

“We’ve been doing this for 30 years here in Del Mar and before us it was someone else so it’s not a new thing,” said Tracy Olcott, president of Crossroads of the West.

Anti-gun activists say the show should be shut down for good.

“This past year we had a shooting at the fairgrounds — someone was discontent with a ticket, we had the Poway shooting,” said Rose Ann Sharp, founder of Never Again CA and an anti-gun activist.

Sharp said she is proud of the state legislation to shutter the gun shows in Del Mar but wishes it didn’t take so long.

In October, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 893, ending the use of the Del Mar Fairgrounds for selling weapons by 2021. The gun lobby has sued and hopes to stall the process. Local politicians say the gun culture is leaving students in fear of simply going to school.

“They are glorified at every corner and the gun show is an example,”said Kelly Harless, a Solana Beach city council member and anti-gun activist.

The gun show representatives say they have nothing to do with the rise of mass shootings seen in California and across the country.

“We have not had an impact negatively on the community or anything that’s happening in the news you hear about,” Olcott said.

The gun show will run Saturday through Sunday.

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